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CQL Accreditation

This award confirms that the organization embraces person-centered solutions to improve the quality of life for people receiving supports and services.

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In The News

Robbie Matthews' Success Story

Robbie and his family are an inspirational example of making the best of life’s circumstances, no matter how impossible to overcome they may seem.

Debbie and Matt's Sweet Success

Debbie Chadwick and Matthew (Matt) Ossewaarde have both continuously overcome many barriers to success from the moment a doctor gave them a diagnosis of Down syndrome. Refusing to let an extra chromosome define their lives, they alongside their families set out to create their own recipe for sweet success.

Now Hiring for Job Developer

Orange Grove Center needs talented individuals who share our dedication to the people we serve and support. We are looking for a dedicated professional to serve as a Job Developer, who will work daily to help individuals with disabilities increase independence, personal growth, and opportunities in their communities.

African Americans' Influence On Rights for Individuals with Disabilities

African Americans' influence on communities to push for equal rights to all and to recognize those who already doing amazing things, despite their disability or race, is paramount to today’s culture.