Tera Roberts, Director of Adult Services

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (423) 629-1451; Ext. 2314

Tera Roberts has been a Director at Orange Grove Center since 2002. She is responsible for adult day services, which includes the Adult Comprehensive Training (ACT), CHOICES, Community Supports, Georgia Services, Industry Solutions, Recycling Services, Employment Services, Ticket to Work Program, Employment and Community First (ECF), and Nursing.  She is also responsible for the Personal Assistance department and the Transportation department.

Tera's primary focus at Orange Grove is to develop and maintain community partnerships that provide opportunities for adults with disabilities to work, volunteer, and recreate in the most inclusive ways possible. This is accomplished by leading and mentoring a division of 242 employees that have a unified vision of delivering person-centered supports. 

Tera is a CESP Certified Job Developer. She graduated from The University of Georgia with a Bachelor Degree in Social Work. She also obtained her Master Degree in Public Administration from The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.