adult services

Orange Grove's services and programs are designed to meet the needs of the whole person. Accordingly, our offerings are diverse and tailored to each person we support. All services and programs at Orange Grove have as a singular purpose the best possible outcomes for the person supported. Those best possible outcomes are dependent on the wishes, dreams, goals, wants, and needs of each person.

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The types of programs and services we offer are influenced by a number of factors, including the changing needs of those we support, availability of opportunities in the community for employment, volunteering, and leisure/recreation activities, a growing understanding about the particular challenges faced by the population we serve, and the legislative and regulatory framework in which Orange Grove must operate.



We offer comprehensive health and dental care services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

community Participation

Community-based services describes both a department and the guiding principles we've followed since our earliest days - that every individual we serve, to the extent possible and desired, should have every opportunity to work, play, and volunteer in the community. Community participation day services may include a mix of volunteering and recreational activities in the community.

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For many, the path to greater independence and fuller participation in the community is employment. Our goal is to match jobs with every individual who wants to work. Our job developers and job coaches work hard to ensure the success of both the individual and the employer: the individual by providing all necessary supports, the employer by helping them meet their business goals through their employees.



The Family Support program serves children and adults with severe disabilities by providing funding for services and supports that are not covered by other resources.


In addition to our programs based in Hamilton County, we also serve adults with IDD in Catoosa, Chattooga, Dade, Floyd, Gordon, Murray, Walker, and Whitfield counties.



The personal assistance program supports people who either live with aging family members, or who are able to live almost fully independently with certain supports. Services include things like transportation for medical appointments or recreational outings, grocery shopping, or assistance in the home with self-help skills.


Our residential services include Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF), Residential Habilitation, Supported Living, and Community Living Servcies (CLS).

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