Community ProviderAgency serving approximately 1,200 individuals with intellectual and other developmentaldisabilities as well as a variety of co-occurring conditions in SoutheastTennessee and North Georgia is seeking candidates for the Executive Directorposition.  

The Agency’s mainoffices are located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, employing approximately 900 staffand providing a variety of home and community-based services in accordance to Stateand Federal guidelines.  Annual budget –approximately $37 million dollars.  Theagency has operated for 66 continuous years as a respected community providerserving 11 counties in Southeast Tennessee and 9 counties in North Georgia.  The agency is governed by a 25-member board ofdirectors that works with several affiliate organizations designed to furtherthe mission of the agency.  In additionto Medicaid Waiver-funded day and residential services which offer a myriad ofcommunity integrated training and living experiences to promote independence,the agency also provides specialized school age services for local educationagencies in Hamilton and surrounding counties, Intermediate Care Facilities for80 individuals with intellectual disabilities who have complex needs, a Family Supportprogram designed to assist individuals with a variety of disabilities, acomprehensive Health and Dental Clinic and a robust Transportation systemcomprised of approximately 160 vehicles.  

Candidates should haveexperience in nationally accredited provider agency administration, including HCBSWaiver programs, MCO-funded services and ICFIID-funded services. Generalist background with broadknowledge of organizational planning and administration, including finance,personnel, operations, non-profit management, and development.   Candidatesshould also have experience in working with a board of directors’ governingstructure, and supervision of management level personnel.  Experience in organizational financialmanagement.  Experience in dealing withemerging regulatory and policy changes issued by State and Federal agenciesaffecting the organization, such as HCBS guidelines and technology practicesfor the implementation of Protected Health Information among others.  

Educationalrequirements include a Bachelor's degree in an area related to the purpose ofthe agency and a minimum of seven years of full-time paid professionalexperience in a management or supervisory capacity in a field related to thepurpose of the agency, or a Master's degree in an area related to the purposeof the agency and a minimum of five years of full-time paid professional experiencein a management or supervisory capacity in a field related to the purpose ofthe agency, or a Doctoral degree in an area related to the purpose of theagency and a minimum of three years of professional experience in a managementor supervisory capacity in a field related to the purpose of the agency.  

Candidate shouldpossess a unique background of experiences in and an energetic commitment to:

  ·       Maintaining person-centered services ina diverse field of funding streams by consistently advocating for and promotinga quality driven system that incentivizes measurable organizational outcomes.

·       An in-depth understanding as to how thelandscape of community services for people with disabilities is changing and a visionas to the best organizational approach necessary for sustained growth andimprovement.

·       Guiding organizational change bydrawing upon demonstrated experience in leading an organization throughnecessary “out of the box” adaptations in order to properly position it for asuccessful MCO environment.

·       Leading specialized teaching andtherapeutic services as well as organizing alternative school age services thatbenefit contracting local education agencies and best prepare students for theleast restrictive educational environments.

·       Guiding and supporting developmentactivities as well as grant requests in a collaborative fashion drawing uponagency partnerships which further diversify an organization’s funding sourceswhile simultaneously ensuring adequately resourced and self-sustained programs.

·       Educating the general community, local,State, and Federal governments, MCO’s, legislators, advocates, donors, andother key stakeholders with regard to the critical needs of individuals servedand thereby creating the necessary improvements to overall services.

·       A vigilant perspective of qualitymanagement coupled with a perpetual drive for service improvement thatsurpasses expectations of national accreditation, MCO, State, and Federalregulation compliance, as well as donor anticipations that distinguishes theagency as a superior service provider.  

Compensation/Benefits:commensurate with experience/qualifications; major medical healthplan/dental-vision.   Paid time off/holidays.   Additional benefits negotiable.

  Applications/resumesaccepted June 1, 2019 - June 30, 2019.

Position selection tobe made in August 2019 with duty assumption/transition in October 2019.

  Send resume to:

Email [email protected]             

Additional Organizational Informationis available  at www.orangegrovecenter.org